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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about the Team Feed program

Q: What is Team Feed?

A: Team Feed (formally known as Set the Table) is a platform designed to allow supporters to create their own custom fundraising page as an individual or as part of a team in order to raise funds on behalf of Feeding America. If you would like to start your own fundraiser, visit the Team Feed page and select 'Register' to create.

Q: Who benefits from my fundraiser?

A: All funds raised through Team Feed represent a gift to Feeding America's mission to feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. Disbursement of funds cannot be designated to specific member food banks within the Feeding America network.

If a Team Feed is created in honor of a person, it is the sole responsibility of the Team Feed creator to discuss his/her intentions to raise money for Feeding America in the name of the honoree with the honoree(s) and/or the honoree(s) family members in order to receive the honoree(s) approval of the endeavor.

Q: Who controls the content on the Team Feed fundraising pages? 

A: The individual who creates the Team Feed fundraiser has the ability to post content and images on the Personal and/or Team Pages. Feeding America has the right to remove any questionable or hateful content posted to a Team Feed fundraiser. Feeding America also reserves the right to contact the creator or disable any Team Feed fundraiser at any time.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: How do I create a Team Feed personal page?

A: To create a Team Feed personal page, visit the Team Feed home page and select 'Register.' After creating your account, select 'Individual' for the role. You will then be prompted to enter the fundraiser name, set a goal, upload a photo, and customize your page with your personal story. After completing, you'll have a unique url to share with your friends, family, and fans and start fundraising.

Q: How do I create a Team Feed team page?

A: To create a Team Feed team page, visit the Team Feed home page and select 'Register.' After creating your account, select 'Create a Team' for the role. You will then be prompted to enter the team name, set a team goal, and then create your personal page as a member of that team. After completing, you'll have a unique url to share with your friends, family, and fans and start fundraising and invite others to join your team.

Q: Is there a fee to start a Team Feed fundraiser?

A: There is no fee required to start a Team Feed page. However, during the registration you will be able to make a gift that will count towards your Team Feed fundraising goal.

Q: How do I edit or update my site content?

A: After creating your personal or team page, when you visit the fundraising page and are logged in, pencil icons will appear next to each item that you can customize. Select the pencil icon to begin editing and updating your site content.

Q: I don't remember my username and password. How can I request it?

A: Your username is the email address that you used during the registration process. To request a password reset, select 'Account Login' at the top of the page, select 'Forgot Password,' and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

General FAQ

Q: How can one dollar help provide at least 10 meals? 

A: Feeding America works directly with major manufacturers, retailers and other partners across the country to secure safe, healthy food that would otherwise go to waste. Through large-scale negotiating and nationwide donation programs, we're able to stretch y our donation to make the biggest impact possible. Through our partnerships, Feeding America also works to rescue this food before it's wasted — making a difference for the people we serve and for our environment. Because of these successful partnerships, every dollar you donate to Feeding America helps secure and distribute at least 12 pounds of food — equivalent of 10 meals — through our nationwide network of food banks.

Read more information on how our network works

Q: How can I host a traditional Food Drive by collecting food and other grocery items? 

A: If you are beginning to organize a traditional food drive to collect food and other grocery items, it's important that you do so in conjunction with your local food bank. Your local Feeding America member can provide advice on food safety, what types of items to accept or refuse, and what timing makes the most sense for your event. Often, our member food banks have regularly scheduled food drives throughout the year, and your neighborhood efforts will have the maximum effect if held in conjunction with theirs.

Use our online food bank locator to contact your local Feeding America member food bank today.

For more information about Feeding America and answers to frequently asked questions about donations, please visit the general FAQ section.

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