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Team Feed Virtual Food Drives


Culinary Origami strives to make each and every platter accessible through any means. Metaphorically and physically. That's why we have a Feeding America Team Feed that you can support. We understand the important and influence every meal has, and we want to make sure everyone can experience it three times a day, every day, for the rest of their lives. 

If you want an expedited response time, proof of a $10 donation to this page should be submitted with your submission. Any additional donation increments of $5 will decrease your response time by a day. $15? We'll respond in 6 days. $35? 2 days. $45? We'll send you your decision the day of. 

If you just want to donate, we will cry. A good cry. Thank you. You'll probably receive a shout out of sorts :) and a virtual hug :))

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