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U.S. Holodomor Committee

Team Feed - 2020


The U.S. Committee for Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Awareness (U.S. Holodomor Committee) has joined Team Feed to help end food insecurities in the United States. No one should go without a meal, yet Feeding America estimates over 54 million people in the America face hunger each year. 

The U.S. Holodomor Committee has created this fundraiser as a tribute to the 7 million victims of Stalin's forced famine-genocide (Holodomor) in Ukraine in 1932-33.  This fundraiser will promote Holodomor awareness, as well as to help provide much needed meals to our neighbors through the Feeding America network of food banks.  Join in this worthy cause! 

Please consider donating $19.33 (the year of the severest impact of the Holodomor when millions were starving from hunger). It only takes a little to make a big difference. Will you help in this fight to end food insecurities in the United States in memory of the 7 million victims of Stalin's genocide of the Ukrainian nation?

Click on the Donate button above and let's end hunger together!

For more information on the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide (Holodomor), please visit

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