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Holiday Drive


Hello everyone, we started Quarantine 2020 Productions  with a 7-day free trial on an editing app  to kill the time with two toddlers but it does seem to bring smiles to people. We have tried to teach our kids that no matter how miserable social distancing is, it could always be worse. In the words of our lead actress, "some kids don't even have Mac & Cheese." We are trying to teach them there are other ways to make people smile without being near them, so Maddie and Barton (ok, less so Barton because he doesn't talk) wanted to raise some money to help fight hunger and struggles caused by the pandemic. If everyone who laughed at Barton's type-cast crying roles, or Maddie's passionate soliloquys gave one dollar we would reach our goal. However, since not everyone can donate, we probably need you to donate at least $5 if you can. Help us bring Mac and Cheese to everyone, thank you for your support.

To support my efforts to end hunger, please click on the Donate button.

Together we can join together on Team Feed for a hunger-free America. Thanks in advance for your support!

Feeding America is the leading domestic hunger relief organization with a nationwide network of 200 food banks. As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role to play in ensuring every family has enough to eat and the Feeding America network of food banks is leading the charge in communities across the country. Every dollar you give helps share 10 meals with families, children, and seniors across America.

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