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1 Penny. 1 Million Meals. profile picture

1 Penny. 1 Million Meals.

Team Feed - FY22


howdy! the beloved PENNY is going extinct in 2023! to prove how powerful a penny can be, I've joined Team Feed to help end hunger in America. no one should go without a meal, yet more than 38 million people in America face hunger. I am spending the next 30 days attempting to cross America starting from only $0.01, and together we can help provide much needed meals to our neighbors through the Feeding America network of food banks. I'm asking you to join the cause!

Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 meals. 


$1,000 - your name will be placed in the end screen of each video

$5,000 - verbal thank you in video <3

$50,000 - THE GREAT RESET: I will start over at $0.01

$100,000 - I will get a tattoo of anything u want 

Click on the Donate button above and let's end hunger together!

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