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34 million people in the U.S. are facing hunger.  Many are working families, children and seniors. We’re proud to partner with YOU to feed America! 

What’s the Plan? 

We've set a goal to raise $25,000, or 250,000 meals.

In November, Tastefully Simple will donate $5,000 to Feeding America. November 2022 – July 2023,  consultant teams will raise funds toward a goal of $15,000. When that target is reached by July 2023, HQ will donate another $5,000, for a total gift of $25,000. That will help a LOT of families! 

What’s the Impact? 

Every $1 you raise provides 10 meals to neighbors in need. Find out more about Feeding America’s mission here. 

How Do You Donate?

All donations will be made via a credit card payment using the unique link assigned to your fundraising team. Tastefully Simple will not make donations on behalf of individual fundraising teams. 


Consultants who hold fundraising parties are responsible for calculating the donation amount from that party and making the donation via the specific link registered to your team. 

Get Started!

  1. Form a fundraising team. Your fundraising team can be made up of you, consultants on your team, taste buds across the country – however you want to gather your group, up to 50 people. Note: You can only be a member of one fundraising team. 
  2. Designate a team captain who will register your team on the Feeding America website. 
  3. Team captain will send an email to with Fundraising Team as the subject line and a list of all team members in the body of the message. 
  4. After registering your team, use your team's specific web address for your team to use in fundraising efforts. All donations from your team need to be submitted through this link to count toward your fundraising totals. 



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